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SafeSport For Players With 2001 or 2002 Birth Years

If you having a problem getting into USA Hockey to complete SafeSport, this link will take you directly to the site: 

2019-20 League Structure

    Hockey Is Our Life

    Midstates Board of Directors Election Results

    Vice President - Craig Ragland

    Directors At Large - 3 Positions
    Don Arias
    Ryan Harrison
    Doug Ottenlips

    Week of 2-18-19

    NAME: Charlie Wind

    TEAM:  CBC JV Purple

    GRADE:  Freshman

    POSITION:  Forward

    Charlie is a freshman standout of the CBC JV Purple.  Throughout the season, Charlie has played an integral role in leading the CBC JV Purple to a #1 seed.  Being called upon in various critical situations, Charlie has led the team in the first two games of playoffs with two goals and tow assists.


    Junior Varsity

    B League

    2018-19 Varsity Leaders